Neck Pain Treatment

While it is easy to take neck pain as a basic issue that will go away fairly quickly, neck pain can become an issue that interrupts everyday activities. In many cases, patients will go each day with neck pain, taking medication for pain relief but never truly treating the condition. Since the neck supports the head, ignoring neck pain will only lead to more pain and possible health issues.


Simple functions such as turning the head, sitting at work, sleeping and even simply relaxing at home become painful and difficult with neck pain. Since there are a variety of ways in which an individual can cause neck pain, treatment for each patient may be different. Causes of neck pain can include:

  • Sleeping in unhealthy or poor positions each night
  • Injuring the neck during sports
  • Whiplash from a car accident
  • Poor posture

Patients may not even be aware that one of their daily habits is the main cause of the neck pain. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position each night, maintaining poor posture each day or even turning the head in one direction for too long, patients will only fuel neck pain. In other cases, the patient will experience sudden trauma and struggle with the resulting neck pain.

Even if one resorts to pain medication, he or she will find a continuous struggle to remain comfortable and pain-free each day. In order to properly treat the neck pain, we recommend scheduling an appointment at our practice.


Fortunately, many neck sprains or injuries brought on by poor posture or sleeping in an uncomfortable position only need rest, ice/heat treatment or modifying one’s lifestyle for better health. Modifications can include buying a new pillow, sitting with better posture during the day and reducing other activities that promote poor posture.

These simple steps may not be enough for more serious neck injuries such as damage from whiplash or an accident. When a patient seeks professional treatment for neck pain at our practice, we will begin by examining the patient’s current state of health. Since the neck consists of multiple muscles, bones, ligaments and veins, we will customize the patient’s treatment, which may include physical therapy or massage therapy.

However, these treatments are not as simple as having a friend massage the neck, making it crucial to seek professional treatment first. Physical therapy will help to improve the flexibility and stability of the neck. With the correct amount of pressure applied to the proper places of the neck, we can help relieve the pain and treat the patient’s discomfort. Physical therapy will involve exercise that the patient needs to complete at home at least once per day.

If a patient sustains an injury during a car accident, it is crucial that the patient seeks immediate medical attention. However, if the patient is sore and not bleeding after the car accident, seeking treatment at our practice is the best option. We will be able to run tests, take X-rays and determine the best course of action for the patient’s overall health.

Following a car accident or other type of accident, patients with whiplash or neck damage will try to avoid seeking professional treatment believing that the symptoms will go away with time. While minor neck sprains may heal over time without professional treatment, it is not the case for patients with more serious injuries.

Seeking professional treatment will help patients work through the sprains and find long-term recovery from the symptoms. By calling us at 1-909-660-4854, you can begin the path to a life free of neck pain. Call us today.

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