Most people don’t think about their spinal health until they experience pain. At Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare in Chino, CA, we can help you keep your spine healthy for your overall well-being. When you seek our services, we use the best ways to take care of your spine to prevent pain and help you stay fit and active.

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Common Spinal Conditions

Weakened or injured discs can be a source of significant pain in your spine. The discs are located between each vertebra in your spine, acting as a cushion to keep your spine from coming into contact with one another. When they become damaged or worn, you might experience pain, and at times, even nerve damage.

Chiropractic Care for Your Spine

The spine is a complicated structure that includes nerves, bones, muscles, and ligaments for moving your body and keeping it upright. Because it’s so crucial to your overall health, you should take good care of your spine by getting regular spinal checkups and chiropractic care. The methods a chiropractor may use to treat your spine include:

1. Spinal Manipulation

A chiropractor will use a quick thrust to get your spine back into proper alignment. The maneuver can be performed manually or with an instrument called an adjusting table.

2. Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression helps restore your spine’s natural shape and reduce pressure on the discs and nerves.

3. Cryotherapy

This is the use of cold and hot temperatures to reduce inflammation and soothe pain. The chiropractor will apply ice or heat, or you can use home remedies like warm soaks or heating pads at home.

Spinal Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy takes its toll on a woman’s body as her center of gravity changes, which can strain her back muscles. Plus, she’s more likely to get conditions like sciatica during pregnancy because of the added weight in front. It’s important to talk to your chiropractor about strengthening your lower back, shoulder, and abdominal muscles during pregnancy. You may also want to get regular chiropractic care to help relieve any discomfort during pregnancy.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

In addition to helping you maintain a healthy spine, chiropractic care can also help you improve your well-being by:

  • Reducing the effects of aging
  • Relieving back, neck, and muscle pain
  • Improving your posture
  • Helping you maintain an active lifestyle
  • Preventing certain types of headaches
  • Managing your weight to improve spinal health

Maintain Your Spinal Health with Our Chiropractic Services

The spine needs proper care for you to live a healthy life without risks of developing back problems. Contact us at (909) 464-9880 or visit our care center, Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare in Chino, CA, for a checkup and treatment today.