Car Accident Injuries

Treatment for Car Accident Injuries in Chino, CA

For most people, being involved in an auto accident is a pretty traumatic experience. Even if the wreck only involved bumping into another car while in a parking lot, there’s a good chance that you might feel a little stressed, uneasy, and sore. That’s where our team at Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare, serving Chino and Riverside, CA, can help.


Common Health Issues After an Auto Accident

After a wreck, it is incredibly common to experience health issues associated with the force of the collision. Examples include neck pain, back pain, swelling, headaches, whiplash, and more. Dizziness and blurred vision may also be present. If you’re experiencing these issues, it is important to call our office immediately to schedule an appointment. From there, our chiropractor can evaluate your car accident injuries and determine the best course of treatment for your needs. 

Natural Approach to Wellness and Healing

At Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare, our approach to treating your pain after a car accident doesn’t include risky pharmaceutical medications or invasive surgeries. Instead, we focus on healing and rehabilitating the soft tissue that was damaged during the accident through proven chiropractic approaches.

Our chiropractor wants you to feel your best, and that starts with a thorough evaluation, including x-rays of your spine. From there, we can assist in coming up with a treatment plan featuring therapies like manual adjustment, massage, cold laser therapy, stretching, ice/heat therapy, and more. Each patient receives an individualized assessment that takes into account current symptoms and how the accident occurred.

Furthermore, if you’ve had neck or back pain previous to an auto accident, but it has started to worsen, you could still benefit from care at Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare. Our chiropractic methods help heal your entire body, and not just the pain associated with car wrecks. Imagine feeling better than before the accident ever occurred!

Schedule Your Appointment with Dr. Gary Sannes

Our entire Pacific Empire Physical Medicine & Healthcare team is dedicated to helping you feel your best. We offer friendly and compassionate service to all patients and cannot wait to assist you with your chiropractic journey to better health. Contact our chiropractic team today at (909) 464-9880 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Gary Sannes. We happily serve Chico and Riverside, CA.

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