Personal Injury

Personal Injury Care from Leading Chiropractor Gary Sannes

Here at Pacific Empire Chiropractic, we welcome patients from Riverside and Chino, CA, who have suffered a personal injury. It can often be difficult to get effective treatment for car accident injuries and other similar personal injuries from traditional physicians. This is why so many of our patients end up coming in to see Dr. Sannes. At Pacific Empire Chiropractic, we offer spinal adjustments and massage therapy, amongst other modes of treatment, to those who have been involved in a personal injury incident. Read on to learn more about the treatment when can offer to people who find themselves in this situation.


Spinal Adjustment for Personal Injury

One of the most common treatments we offer is the spinal adjustment. Many people who have been injured have problems with their spine that result in neck or back pain. Spinal adjustment can help alleviate this pain and can even hasten the healing process. Dr. Sannes can gently perform the exact spinal adjustments required, depending on the nature of your injury. Spinal adjustments are often combined with other treatments, like massage, for maximum effect.

Massage for Personal Injury

Massage can be especially effective for injuries when combined with a spinal adjustment. Massage can help reduce pain and soreness resulting from injuries. For example, we often perform neck massage on people who have suffered from whiplash due to a car accident. Traditional physicians often do little for whiplash aside from maybe prescribing opiates. Massage can be a much safer way to reduce the discomfort that stems from this very painful and serious condition.

Make an Appointment with Our Experienced Chiropractor, Gary Sannes

If you're in Chino or Riverside, CA, or somewhere in the surrounding area, come into Pacific Empire Chiropractic for your personal injury treatment. We can perform spinal adjustments and massage therapy that may reduce your pain and suffering while increasing your range of motion. We also offer the latest chiropractic and holistic medicine treatments for a variety of different conditions. If you'd like to make an appointment for personal injury treatment or for any other type of care that you may need, contact us today at (909) 464-9880. One of our associates will be happy to give you more info and help you make an appointment at a time that works for you.

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