Therapeutic Exercise and Stretching Tips From a Chiropractic Office

Posted on: March 14, 2019

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Chiropractic offices all over have changed the lives of a lot of people suffering from severe or chronic pain in their spine, neck, and areas of their back. However, not everyone can find time in their busy schedules to make it to the chiropractor's office. If this is the case then it’s good to know a few tips on how to stretch or exercise at home!

Chiropractors thankfully offer up great advice on ways to manage their pain until they can make it in for a session. Today, we will discuss and go over a few of the best tips that can help someone manage their pain and hold them over until they are able to make it in to see the chiropractor!

Therapeutic exercises and stretches

While there are many different exercises and stretches that a person can do to manage their pain, chiropractors offer up these tips and they are professionals trained in pain management.

Flexibility training

Because a lot of people suffer from back or neck pain, chiropractors often suggest engaging in things that will expand the flexibility of a person’s muscles. Flexibility training mainly consists of stretching to ensure that the body has a good range of motion. Consistently stretching to expand flexibility will go a long way in preventing joint pain in the neck and back. Stretching the back muscles will help with the posture of someone too, ensuring that pain doesn’t form from hunching over.

Aerobic exercises

As walking may not seem to be the most efficient, it has actually been proven to provide many great benefits to those experiencing pain in their backs. Aerobic exercises help to keep the muscles toned and strong which will promote healthiness in all areas of the body. Walking can also stimulate the abdominal muscles to remain in good shape which can surprisingly have an effect on how the back feels. Aerobic exercises stimulate proper digestion so taking a walk every now and then can offer up great benefits to not only a person’s overall health but the condition that their back is in too.


Yoga has grown in popularity over time and with good reason. The stretching and strengthening acts that are done in yoga can help a variety of different pains in the body. However, a lot of their stretches do tend to focus on the neck and the back. Stretches like the cat-cow and downward facing dog really focus on the way that the neck and back are positioned. Holding them in place for a few seconds to relieve tension in both areas can be beneficial to the constant pain that a person may feel.

Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial to those people that are experiencing constant pain in their neck or back muscles. However, it’s almost impossible for some to regularly visit the chiropractor due to their busy schedules or just not finding the time. Knowing what some great at-home tips are to work the muscles and relieve them of pain can be beneficial to those with busy lives!

If you want to know more about tips on therapeutic care then give us a call today. There are so many exercises and stretches that a person can do daily to help manage their pain!

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