Students Benefit from Visiting a Chiropractor Near Chino

Posted on: August 16, 2018

As the new school year begins, many students may begin to realize they could benefit from visiting a chiropractor near Chino. With the new school year come new activities, sports and daily strains that may contribute to body pain and stiffness no matter the grade level of a school-aged child or teen. A chiropractor can address postural issues, poor athletic form and even how to carry a backpack correctly to avoid long-term back issues.

Reasons students might visit a chiropractor near Chino


Many people experience back pain throughout school and into their adult years, but they never discover the cause of the pain. Something as seemingly innocent as wearing a backpack can often be the culprit. Any item that a student carries all day long could be contributing to back pain. Large purses and stacks of books carried on one side of the body or rested on a hip could lead to muscle imbalances and displaced vertebrae. A chiropractor can uncover these issues, provide feedback about how to rebalance and strengthen the body and offer treatment for misaligned vertebrae.


No matter what sport a person plays, injuries — whether acute or chronic — may occur. Regardless of what gear is worn to protect shins, knees, shoulders and backs, sports like football, soccer and even tennis can impact a person's body significantly. Daily wear and tear from practices and games without understanding how the kinetic chain and proper postural movements work can lead to back and body problems that stay with a person through the ages.

If a student is considering playing sports this school year, they should speak with a chiropractor to learn more about how to condition their body for the activities and how to use proper form to avoid injuries. Injury treatments do not stop at back pain; a chiropractor can also treat any limb numbness, discomfort or stiffness that may develop.

A chiropractor near Chino can also address any existing sports injuries. A person who is experiencing back, neck or body pain and stiffness should visit a chiropractor who can determine what is causing the issue and provide relief before they continue playing a sport that could make the condition worsen.


Let's face it — school desks have never been and likely never will be comfortable. They are made this way for a reason, and that reason is so that students will stay alert during their learning session. Since they are not customized, school chairs and desks often make students of different heights slouch at uncomfortable levels to reach their desk to write or read. Legs do not all touch the ground, and some students may feel their knees are propped up too high which could strain the body.

Either way, it is impossible to get out of having to sit in a school desk all day long, so chiropractic treatment at the end of the day may help combat some of the growing issues as well as the pain and stiffness resulting from sitting at an uncomfortable desk.

For any school-aged child or teen who has complaints about how their body feels at the end of the school day, a chiropractor can address the problems at hand and provide treatments that may prevent them from turning into long-lasting issues.

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