Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

Chiropractic care can be helpful if you are suffering from hip pain. Though most patients visit us for pain in their back, neck and shoulders, hip pain can also be alleviated through consistent chiropractic care. Some patients we treat suffer … Continued

Difference Between Spinal Pain Specialists and a General Physician

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4 Reasons People Require a Knee Pain Treatment

We offer a comprehensive knee pain treatment that helps patients to regain their mobility and reduce or eliminate the discomfort they are feeling. We understand that knee pain can make it incredibly difficult to do normal daily activities. Knees can … Continued

4 Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Chiropractic Office

People that have never visited us before often wonder what to expect from their first visit to a chiropractic office. We understand that visiting a new physician for the first time can be intimidating and it helps to have an … Continued

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

What causes lower back pain? This is a question that we are regularly asked and the answer is going to be based on an individual patient and what their experiences have been. For example, one person may suffer pain due … Continued

5 Reasons to Visit for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be hugely beneficial for anyone who suffers an injury. Although most people associate physical therapy with athletes in need of treatment after sustaining an injury, it is beneficial for more than just NFL players. It is a … Continued

Reasons for a Non Surgical Back Pain Treatment

We offer a nonsurgical back pain treatment in our clinic that helps patients begin living life again. When back pain becomes so debilitating that someone begins to consider surgery, it is likely that it has completely restricted their daily activities. … Continued

Feel Better this Holiday Season with Help from a Chiropractor in Chino

If the hectic nature of the holiday season starts impacting how you feel, it may be time to visit a chiropractor in Chino. Chiropractic is a holistic approach to healthcare that believes the body has the ability to operate at … Continued

Weight Loss Treatment for the Long-Term

When you are looking for an effective weight loss treatment, you are going to come across all kinds of remedies and solutions. Some of these may be extremely effective, while the majority are simply going to be really good to … Continued

How Massage Therapy Can Help with Your Recovery

We recommend massage therapy for anyone who suffers a workplace injury. When the body experiences a sudden trauma that leads to an injury, the muscles and ligaments tend to react very quickly in an attempt to hold the body together … Continued