Chiropractic Tips to Improve Strength, Balance and Your Core

Posted on: May 16, 2019

The study of chiropractic is the direct use of hands-on spinal manipulation to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure (the spine, in particular) to alleviate back pain and other various causes to achieve relief without the use of medication or surgery. Chiropractors focus on pin-point manipulations to restore mobility in the joints restricted by tissue injury. Although the manipulations and cracks that come with a chiropractor visit may seem minor, the importance of being properly aligned from head to toe goes unspoken.

If the spine is restricted or under trauma, crucial physical assets of the human body such as strength, balance and core stability are critically affected. By frequenting your local chiropractic office, you will find yourself stronger, more balanced and stabilized.

The importance of your core

Your core is arguably the most important area of your body in terms of staying healthy and strong. Every movement throughout the day utilizes the core. The core acts as a stabilization unit.

As technology advances, society has become more adapted to being more and more sedentary. A large chunk of society spends most of their day bent over a computer, placing unwanted tension and pressure on the spine. Visiting your chiropractor is an excellent way to ensure all your joints are functioning properly by addressing any subluxations (vertebrae misalignments). This allows your core to brace more effectively and helps instigate balance efficiency.

Ensure that you practice good posture as well. Although it is a small step, it is quite a powerful movement in acquiring extra balance and strength.

Balance is key

Maintaining a straight back after an adjustment helps realign your muscles into proper positioning. Frequently walking and stretching diligently will also help lubricate your muscles; this will help ease any stabilizer muscles in your body that may be tight or tense. Stabilizer muscles are also commonly referred to as "movers," as they are in tandem with our everyday tasks.

Increasing your strength

Core and balance essentially go hand and hand. Sustaining a healthy core will eventually lead to balance improvements due to stabilization and realignment. Once you achieve balance and stability, the next step is to be strengthening yourself with exercise.

There are many variations and solutions for everyone, regardless of your skill level. Meditating in yoga or finding a beginner class with a group of friends are popular options available year round. There are even tutorial videos online to help strength training. As your strength improves, there are more intense exercise options, such as Pilates and hip-hop dancing that are solely dedicated to the core. 

The last step to success is maintenance

Maintaining your results from exercise and stability requires constant attention to detail. Besides maintaining a leveled posture and frequenting your chiropractor, constantly stretching before and after exercising will help the longevity of your muscles and will increase your core and strength over time. An easy way to incorporate balance and core strength at home is to simply use a fitness ball while watching television. Researching exercise ball stances and tips will not only strengthen core stability but also work out the other crucial muscle parts in your body.

Last but not least, sustaining a nutritious and well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins with the combination of a constant sleeping schedule will aid in a healthier lifestyle. It is the little things that matter the most; exercising and chiropractic adjustments are only half the battle. 

Core strength and stability is definitely something we all take from granted. It plays a huge factor in your everyday life and functions. With a few lifestyle adjustments, regular exercise and visits to the chiropractor, you can greatly improve in balance, strength and core stability. Not only will you look and feel better, but those tasks that seemed to be "too much" will suddenly become much easier. Start the change by taking care of your own body; it is the very least you owe yourself.

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