5 Commonly Asked Questions About Chiropractic

Are you wondering whether chiropractic care services could work for you? If you are currently experiencing health issues and are looking into your additional treatment options, then seeking the professional assistance of a chiropractor can definitely be well worth your … Continued

Is Chiropractic Alternative Medicine?

It is no secret that chiropractic has helped many overcome their back and neck discomfort, treating millions of people each year. However, many still are unsure when it comes to chiropractic. By understanding exactly what chiropractic is and determining whether … Continued

Chiropractic Adjustments for the Neck

Chiropractic services are becoming more popular these days as more people turn to alternative medicine to treat their aches and pains. The American Chiropractic Association calls chiropractic treatment one of the safest drug-free, noninvasive therapies available. People rely on chiropractors … Continued

4 Reasons You Need Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic manipulation is the use of a chiropractor’s hands to apply pressure to the muscles and bones in order to realign them. The treatment is commonly used on the spine, but it can also be used to realign other parts … Continued

When Is a Chiropractor Recommended?

Chiropractors practice an alternative medicine for musculoskeletal and related areas that involve assessment, diagnosis and treatment methods. Practitioners must undergo training at specialized schools to be certified, and licensing is obtained through state licensing boards. Many health insurance plans cover … Continued

Common Methods of Treating Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery

When back pain lasts for more than three months, it is chronic. The pain can be intermittent, where the patient may experience temporary relief, then agonizing distress. Chronic pain is a worrisome condition to deal with when the cause is … Continued

Students Benefit from Visiting a Chiropractor Near Chino

As the new school year begins, many students may begin to realize they could benefit from visiting a chiropractor near Chino. With the new school year come new activities, sports and daily strains that may contribute to body pain and … Continued

A Chiropractor Can Treat Knee Pain

There are many sources of knee pain. A chiropractor can help determine the cause and provide you with relief. Chiropractors work to treat and heal ailments with natural methods, focusing on the person as a whole, rather than solely treating … Continued

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

Chiropractic care can be helpful if you are suffering from hip pain. Though most patients visit us for pain in their back, neck and shoulders, hip pain can also be alleviated through consistent chiropractic care. Some patients we treat suffer … Continued

Difference Between Spinal Pain Specialists and a General Physician

What is the difference between visiting a spinal pain specialist and a general physician for back pain? This is an important question for all patients to ask who are living with daily back pain. Finding the right provider to treat … Continued